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Adobe has been quite busy as of late and their work is finally bearing fruits because the company has just released three major updates to their Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw for both the mobile and desktop editions. Adobe included functionality tools, exciting features and more stable performances.

Camera Raw 9.8

Adobe has made it quite clearly that their focus is pointed towards Adobe Camera Raw’s Lightroom.

The company has been new camera profiles updates every month now and this month camera lenses from Samsung, Nikon, Canon, Google, Fujifilm, Hasselblad, Sony and Olympus have benefited from the updates.

Users should keep in mind that they can update their Adobe Camera Raw straight from the Creative Cloud app.

Lightroom Mobile Version

Owners of iOS powered devices should be happy to hear the interface of Adobe Lightroom Mobile has been revamped.  The interface has been tweaked so that users can get quick access to photo management options and editing tools.

Lightroom Desktop Version

The desktop version has received a couple of new features that have been created with only one purpose in mind, to improve the user experience. The first feature implement by Adobe is the Reference View feature, which allows users to compare two different pictures side by side thus helping them to create consistent aesthetic between the two pictures. The zoom has received a minor update as well, users can now zoom to fill and zoom to fit and this feature is meant to help photo editors.

This was just a brief overview of the features brought by the update and the complete list of affected lenses and added features can be found on Adobe’s official website.