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There is a new version of Flash Player that is coming to town. This is the Adobe Flash Player version 24 runtime application update. This will come with a lightweight, high-performance, and highly impressive application runtime.

The latest version will provide uncompromised viewing of expressive content, applications, and videos across devices and operating systems.

Here are some of the latest features of the Flash Player 24.

  • Stage 3D – This will build blazing fast and stunning cinematic 2D and 3D games. This is made possible with the use of fully accelerated GPU rendering.
  • Enhanced Mouse Control – Users will be able to create immersive, panoramic games that will take advantage of infinite scrolling, relative mouse coordinates, and mouse lock, among others.

  • Concurrency – This new update will create more responsive, high-performance games and content with the use of ActionScript workers.
  • ByteArray Support – This will enable the sharing of memory and leveraging of machine resources with the offloading of tasks to background workers that are running concurrently.
  • Full Screen Support – Provides the delivery of exciting, full screen games with full keyboard support for cross-browser compatibility. Likewise, it will include operating systems such as Windows and Mac.
  • HD Quality Video – Users will be able to play high-quality HD video in collaboration with industry-standard codecs, including AAC, H.264, and MP3.
  • Content Protection – Facilitate the delivery of protected premium video content with the use of Adobe Access. It also supports a wider range of business models, such as video on demand, HD rental, live broadcast, and CDN configurations.
  • High Quality of Service – This will engage the viewers using adaptive and optimized bitrate video streaming and the extensive feature set. It will also provide streaming standards, including RTMP, HDS, and progressive video.
  • Multicore Rendering – This will build high performance vector graphics. It will also display true 1080p videos that will take advantage of 4 CPU cores.

Together, Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player enable the delivery of rich customer experiences through multiple digital touch points.

Content can easily move between browsers, native operating systems, and standalone applications so that it will reach a host of users based on the devices that they ought to choose.