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It should be a little challenging to get to decide which of the top gaming consoles in the market today you should consider buying. In the case between the Xbox One S vs the PS4 Pro, you might get some help from these bits of information.


There is a huge difference between the Xbox One S and the PS4 Pro, which affects their performance.

For one, the Xbox One S is basically the same device as its predecessor the Xbox One, when it comes to internal specs. There might be a little difference in specific circumstances, but they should be the same machine.

On the other hand, PS4 Pro had some important performance boosts, which include a new hardware. In fact, it provides double the power of the PS4 on particular tasks. Moreover, it has enhanced graphics chip that uses the Polaris architecture of AMD.

Resolution and HDR Gaming

Good thing, both devices support HDR, but the PS4 Pro provides more games with a higher resolution compared to just a full HD. However, it wasn’t clear what resolution is the company referring to, but it should be close to 4K gaming resolution.

The Xbox One S only elevates games to 4K without any visual fidelity enhancements other than HDR.

4K Blu-Ray

Although both are very similar, one thing that makes the Xbox One S stand out is the Ultra HD Blu-Ray player. Nevertheless, Sony has not chosen to include the tech to its new flagship console.

HDR and 4K Content

If you are not into 4K Blu-Rays, the omission of the UHD Blu-Ray player shouldn’t matter a lot. However, both of the Xbox One and PS4 Pro provide support for the streaming 4K and HDR content such as Netflix and YouTube.


Both devices support all games designed for the Xbox One S and PS4. For the PS4 Pro, some new games will support the new flagship device out of the box. But, the ones that don’t will still work but it will be leveled to 4K but without any enhancements graphically. On the other hand, the Xbox One S will get HDR support but those that don’t will work.


Based from the measurements, the PS4 Pro is particularly wider compared to the Xbox One S. They measure 295x327x55mm and 229x292x63.5mm, respectively. Although the former is longer than the latter, it is slightly thinner.

Final Thoughts

For the record, these devices are very different from each other. For one, Microsoft has put more emphasis on 4K video content, while Sony has focused more on producing a more powerful console that is best for gaming.

Do you think the Xbox One S is better than the PS4 Pro or otherwise? Well, every person has an option to wait or settle for the upcoming new models in 2017, such as the Xbox Scorpio. Just remember that these are different devices with specific performances. Thus, you can either choose between 4K video content or just stick to a console focused on games only.