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Being the most popular options when it comes to virtualization, VirtualBox and VMware surely come by as the two contenders for the number one spot. Do they have any similarity or are they distinguishable in any way?

They both allow the user to run another OS inside the current OS, for example one could run Linux if he is currently running Windows OS. This might be the only way in which people who like tech can catch a glimpse of another OS.

What’s The Difference?

VirtualBox is developed by Oracle regardless of the fact that it was initially built by Innotek GmBh. It can run Windows XP and above, OpenSolaris, Linux and Mac OSX. Its reputation stands off in the world for having such a large number of users that take advantage of it.

VMware is developed by VMware Inc and supports Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. VMware software permits users to run multiple operating systems such as x86-64 or x86.7.


Both show good performance without any problems and something to tell them apart.


Both of them confer the user the same feeling of fast booting without any noticeable differences.

Copying Files

Regarding copying, VMware takes the lead when trying to copy a fairly large file as say 1GB where the Virtualbox takes approximately 200 seconds while the VMware copies the same amount of data in just 70 seconds. Copying smaller files won’t reveal any noticeable difference.

UI – Single versus Multi Windows

As VirtualBox’s multi-windows interface confers the user more flexibility and freedom, some like the less crowded display and go for VMware’s single window approach. It might become distracting to look at multiple windows at the same time for a prolonged time.


VirtualBox comes as a difficulty to use because the user has to manually bridge the network thus being quite the challenge for an inexperienced user.

If you’re wondering which one takes home the prize, we could argue that they both have their pros and cons. Give them both a go and decide which one fits you most!