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Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave Flash or simply Flash Player is a free software that was developed by Adobe Systems. It is basically used as a Web browser plug-in that allows viewing content created on the platform of Adobe Flash. This will include streaming video and audio.

YouTube previously required Flash Player to be installed on a computer to be able to play streaming video and audio. However, the move made by Google has prompted the use of HTML5 in January 2015. Although this was already existing in the last 5 years, the default was already Flash Player.

Thus, for the stability and safety of your computer system, it is important to update your Flash Player to the most current version. If you don’t know if your system uses the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, then it is important to visit their website:

Simply click on the yellow button named Install Now. You should also note that Adobe may include an Optional Offer to download and install additional software. This is at the time you will be downloading or installing the Flash Player. If you want to reject the offer, make sure that you unchecked the Optional Offer checkbox before you click the Install Now button.

If you already clicked the button, you will be able to download the installation package to your computer. Simply click the Save File button to continue. Take note that the Flash Player installer version will vary depending on the one you have downloaded. Upon opening the file you have downloaded, you will be prompted to a Security Warning. Just click the Run button.

You will then be prompted with the Flash Player installer dialog box. Just select the recommended setting Allow Adobe to install updates button if you like to do so. You will be able to view the progress and it will take about a minute or more. You should be prompted to restart your browser, when you are done installing the file.

By the time you re-open the browser, you should have installed or updated your Adobe Flash.