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Pokemon Sun and Moon was recently released and Pokemon fans have been going crazy over how good is the game. The only downside is that Pokemon Sun and Moon is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive, but that shouldn’t be any problem since players can use emulators and enjoy the game on larger screens and higher resolutions.

One of the best things about playing Pokemon Sun and Moon on a desktop PC alongside the higher quality graphics is the fact that their PC GPU can be altered to not lose any frames or get any lag spikes.

Using an emulator is also a great idea for users that want to try 3DS games but have not yet decided if they should buy a Nintendo gaming console.

Altering a PC’s graphic card might seem complicated, but there’s no need to worry since we will provide readers with a step by step guide. Users should keep in mind that the game doesn’t work on older PCs, it actually requires a strong processor.

Improving FPS for Pokemon Sun and Moon on PC

The first step the user is required to do is to download an Emulator from any 3DS forums alongside the game’s ROM file and install it. After installing the game files, the user can go ahead and open up the GPU settings (Catalyst or Gforce Configuration).

While in the GPU settings menu, the user needs to set Vertical Synchronization (Vsync) to Adaptive or Off to increase FPS stability.

Now that the FPS stability has been taken care of, there is only one problem left. When the game starts up it will have some annoying lines spread all over the screen that can be easily removed by using emulator cheats. The lines can be removed by entering this cheat “00297848 E320F000”. Now the game should be running at a decent FPS rate.