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Fans around the world are getting hyped about the 100 new Pokemon and Christmas items and costumes that are going to hit the game. Some details have been leaked before the Gen 2 official release date.

Fans have managed to discover new things that they could do by mingling with the game files during the last transfer update. The update hinted at a big Christmas event not to mention the addition of sound files for over 100 new Gen 2 Pokémon.

The highly anticipated event will most likely happen at the same time with the launch of Christmas related costumes and items. Ninantic will give players the possibility to change their character’s appearance in regard to shoes, shirts, pants, hair and more items. These will be made available by playing the game and spending some hard earned money.

The first Pokémon that are to be released should embrace the Christmas spirit and be themed appropriately. Ahead of the highly anticipated Gen 2 release, Ninatic issued a new update which will make possible for a transfer of multiple Pokémon to Professor Willow via a single transaction thus saving a lot of time. That and the addition of 100 new Gen 2 Pokémon and if we are lucky a little bit of legendary action, you are advised to free up some space in your Pokedex.

To make use of the transfer ability users are to press and then hold a Pokémon.  Some other changes which are included in the update are Gym icons and other information regarding Pokémon. During the Christmas event Pokémon spawn timers are to be increased you are expected to find more Seel, Clefable, Clefairy, Starme and Staryus than usual.

The biggest speculation though is that a Legendary Pokémon is going to be released, thought to be a Christmas gift to the players.

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