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Bioware managed to create a successful franchise with the Mass Effect games and the next in line is Mass Effect: Andromeda. Fans of the franchise just had the opportunity to witness a gameplay demonstration at The Game Awards last week, the only problem with that is that some fans noticed that the game’s animation wasn’t quite on point.

The animation looked clunky, like it wasn’t polished enough and Bioware still needs to work on the game before it gets finally released to the public.

The company’s creative director Mac Walters did an interview where he promised fans that the game’s animation will be tweaked out to look better before they launch the game in Spring 2017. The interview provided fans with some insight the game director was even asked about a Mass Effect movie to which he didn’t have anything to reply.

Regarding the combat mechanics that were showcased in the gameplay trailer, the game director acknowledges that their developer team took inspiration from Destiny, especially the fluid movement and camera controls. Mac Walters also commented on the shield used by the Ryder sibling in the trailer and he said that mastering that shield will be quintessential to the game, since the shield will not only stop projectiles but it will also launch them back at enemies.

The game developers are taking a different route in comparison with No Man’s Sky worlds, and instead of randomly generating planets they have created rich, detailed and story filled planets. Bioware has crafted these planets and gave to each one of them a special background, story and characters. The cool thing about completing side quests on these different planets is that all those quests will affect the game’s ending.

The trailer also presented something we aren’t used seeing in Mass Effect games, crafting. In order to give some insight to the fans, Mac Walters said that their goal is to give freedom to the players and keep them engaged.

We can’t know for sure what he meant by that, but what we know is that players will be able to craft their own armor and weapons.