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The Grand Theft Auto franchise is set to receive a new update. According to Rockstar, the new GTA 5 had a 65GB of download size in 2014 for PC players. Since then, the fans were able to see a lot of content updated to the game.

New Updates for the Game

It has now added superbike and supercar races introduced in 2016 that involved tron-style races, which has become the latest addition. Nevertheless, the current update will require users to rob luxury and expensive cars, as part of the DLC.

Sources say that Rockstar Games wanted to have things as confidential as possible. Currently, these updates will be called import/export missions. Thus, the crew will be able to steal exotic vehicles, which will have new additions in criminal and automobile activities.

These newly added missions to criminal activities will boost perspective organizations to become profitable. In this case, CEOs will possibly showcase all vehicles that should be stolen, as the player will progress into the game. However, the maximum vehicle limit will be restricted up to sixty.

This new DLC is part of the Adventures in Finances and Felony DLC. So, it has a new touch off criminal pursuits that takes the game to a new level. Thus, a custom autoshop is included to mod all the vehicles that you have robbed, which will be serviced exclusively in this location.

According to Rockstar, the new update will take coordination, talent, and tactical use of some special vehicles to do the job. This will make players get one step ahead of rival challengers and police from across the countryside and the city.

Rockstar Games has not revealed any update regarding GTA 5 Online DLC details. Nevertheless, players looking forward for some funny and crazy gameplay will have a lot of expectations just by looking at the images on their website.

GTA Dangerous Business Pack

Although not much have been said about this DLC, theories have suggested that there is selling and buying of property and an online stock market. Likewise, the new update will feature 2 new weapons, namely heavy pistol and special carbine. At the same time, it will include 3 new vehicles, such as the Jester, Turismo R, and the Alpha. Also, it has some new business themed clothes, hairstyles, and tattoos.

Release Date

According to Rockstar Games, this update will be released in December 2016. This will bring exotic car theft to the GTA Online game. Part of the new GTA 5 Online update will have new plans to release New Vehicle Warehouses. These will be able to house your vehicles and to acquire through export and import operations. The developer added that the CEOs could likewise harvest the fruits of their labor through the expansions of the Executive Office buildings.

The huge DLC update for the GTA 5 Online has caused the excitement for the fans. However, even as there were no confirmations from Rockstar Games yet, it has been rumored that the new update will come on December 13. It will only be a matter of time before all these speculations be justified.