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When it comes to mobile apps, there’s a good chance that the first place to get apps that pops into your mind is Google’s Play Store. The marketplace is rivaled only by Apple’s AppStore for the iOS platform and is widely recognized as top shareholder when it comes to the mobile app market.

Google is known to be more open and loose than its direct competitor Apple, security being one of Apple’s greatest strengths. However, no one would have thought that the situation over at the Play Store is so critical. Recent studies have uncovered concerning information regarding the apps present on Google’s marketplace.

It turns out the apps listed there, present serious security gaps, specifically in their privacy policies (which in the case of many of the apps, is nonexistent altogether). The news comes according to studies conducted over at Carnagie Mellon University.  There were 18 thousand apps which participated in the study and it was discovered that almost half of them lack a privacy policy.

It’s not very complicated to figure out why you need a privacy policy when dealing with an app, so not having one at all is pretty bad. A lot of these apps also omitted the fact that they harvest personal data while operating on your device and some conveniently forget to mention that they will share that information with other entities as well.

The gravity of the situation should alert all types of users and while it’s not their fault, they should pay closer attention to the details of an app before installing it. If it lacks an adequate privacy policy, it’s best to leave it alone.

That is, of course, if having your private information shared on the internet is not something that bothers you.