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The new FIFA 17 update has been made available for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Thus, new components have been included in this 2016/17 Premier League broadcast package. If you haven’t heard about this update yet, then you have come to the right place.

Gameplay has been updated to address issues about the previous release. Here are some info about the new Update 1.

  • Addressed the situation regarding the unresponsive cancel button after a clearance was requested.
  • Solved the rare situation regarding the penalty shootout, which should have ended earlier.
  • Increased the tendency of the CPU artificial intelligence to directly attack.
  • Cleared the issue where players sometimes overrun the ball when a skill move was made.
  • Made improvements to ball physics wherein too much speed has been lost when shots were made off the goal posts.

Pro Clubs also received some updates, including:

  • increasing experience needed to have higher overall ratings in Pro Clubs and
  • resolving issues regarding the customized facial features of the players didn’t properly display during the game.

Ultimate Teams were also updated, including:

  • the difficulty of single player FUT, which no longer defaults to the setting of your CPU,
  • forcing the player to substitute an injured player in FUT matches online were also addressed, and
  • crossing text and shooting in custom tactics have been corrected.

It has also addressed issues where the CPU artificial intelligence would leave star players frequently on the bench.

Some visual changes were also made, including:

  • the addition of new components in the 2016/17 Premier League broadcast package,
  • the update on banners, flags, and team kits for Velez Sarsfield and Tigre, and
  • the goalkeeper has now been able to celebrate after catching a final penalty during a shootout.

The new Update 2 for FIFA 17 also has some added features, including updated player faces and issues with Pro Clubs. Reviving excessive skill points have now been addressed as well, including the general stability fixes that have been applied to the base game with the patch.

  • Newly updated player faces have now been rendered for perfect character likeness.
  • Made general overlay adjustments.
  • Addressed issues where the selected kit was not the one used in-game.
  • Addressed an issue on frame-rate when in pre-match skill game.
  • Allowed the use of authentic audio for Spanish crowds when reacting to a goal.

Pro Clubs now features the following:

  • Availability of flair trait in all Pros.
  • Unlocking of passive traits by carrying over the Virtual Pro from FIFA 16.
  • Resolving an issue where players could receive skill points in excess.

There are also other improvements to the audio, including:

  • localized audio and character speech for languages such as French, German, Italian, Mexican Spanish, and Spanish and
  • various presentation improvements.

General fixes in stability have been made to the FIFA Ultimate Team and other game modes online. These FIFA 17 updates have been made available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC gaming platforms. This should be a great update to the franchise as it has created a load of improvements all throughout the game.