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Facebook app has just been updated yesterday, but the developers haven’t added new features. Instead, they broke some of the existing ones, as tablet users have reported that the Search bar has vanished and they can’t view comments under Facebook posts.

After the new update went live, Facebook users who own an Android tablet have made a big scandal and the developers have reacted fast, fixing the bug that caused comments to disappear, but there are still many bad reviews in the Google Play store from angry users who are reporting both issues.

Moreover, it seems that the application crashes a lot, as a pissed anonymous user complained that “The latest update causes the app to crash even when I just get a notification, either your app developers are legitimately incompetent or it’s another bs game where you purposely released an update that crashes your users apps to see how long it takes for them to uninstall it.”

Until the developers will solve all issues with the Facebook app, meanwhile they will be testing “location frames”, a feature that’s stolen from Snapchat’s Geofilters. For now, this feature is tested in Ireland and users are able to customize their photos and videos.

Facebook frames will support special events, teams, causes and businesses and in order to create them, users will need imagination and a software program to create the design, then export it as a PNG file. After that, it will be uploaded to Facebook, where the frame will wait to be approved. Users will be able to preview it in different sizes and it will be possible to add other details.

Users will need to respect Facebook’s policies and not launch frames with illegal or offensive content. When it will be launched, the Camera Effects Platform will be available only to Facebook users who live in Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan, the U.K. and Ireland. The global launch will happen later, so users in the US will need to be patient.

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