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As of the last couple of years media-streaming manufacturers have lowered their prices to so much extent that it’s not even a surprise anymore. Media streamers could prove to be a better investment than let’s say a new smart TV that does exactly the same thing.

With that in mind, the market is oversaturated by plenty devices but it’s always been a battle between Apple TV and Chromecast but what differentiates them? If you live with the belief that Chromecast suits people that use Android and Apple TV for those sporting iOS you will be proved wrong. The scales should be tilted towards what you want to accomplish.

Some of the advantages of having a media streamer are that you can stream whatever you want from Netflix or the BBC iPlayer without the need of an extra device being plugged in. Hey, this even allows you to cut down on power costs and it’s silent.


Costing just 30 pounds one would consider the Chromecast to be a great value for money almost making a customer to impulse-buy it without even looking back. The Apple TV however is a tad more expensive costing 59 pounds but you also get a remote control along with that and a box which is being used standalone whilst the Chromecast is only a receiver. That might explain the price difference.


While the Chromecast has a simple yet practical design plugging directly in a TV’s HDMI port, the Apple TV however is presented as a small box with an appealing design. The only downside is that you will need to have some extra space near your TV while the Chromecast is controlled via Smartphone with a Wi-Fi connection.

Network Connections

Apple is the clear winner here by a mile. It has dual-band and Ethernet connections while the chromecast has an adaptor that will only connect to 2.4GHz networks. It’s not a massive downside but considering a sleeker 5GHz band will get next to no interference.

Local Apps And UI

Apple TV is sporting an OS that takes after iOS 8 that comes with a few already installed apps which can be used without the help of other devices. In comparison, Chromecast doesn’t have anything as such and to run it you have to pair it with a smartphone via Wi-Fi.

Apple’s Airplay vs. Chrome’s Casting

They are named different but they basically mean the same thing, streaming that is, at the same time providing users with the ability to play or pause whatever is streaming and move over to view a video or a file without interrupting the stream.