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The release of Battlefield 1 worldwide for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows was finally done on October 2016. Since its release, not many people have been updated with its new features. Thus, here are a few of the notable updates that you should check out.

Gameplay Update

The game was set in the first World War and has been inspired by some historic events. At this point, players should be able to use weapons coming from World War I, which include auto- and semi-automatic rifles, flamethrowers, artillery, bolt action rifles, and mustard gas.

According to the world designer of the game, the campaign mode has been made larger with more open environments compared to previous installments in the franchise. Likewise, it has more choices and options when it comes to paths to complete the levels and when approaching combat.

Moreover, players should be able to control a number of characters inside the campaign. For this reason, even if the player dies in the prologue, it is still possible to control another soldier or role as opposed to reloading from the checkpoint. In comparison to its predecessors, the game features a collection of stories of war.

It also has new multiplayer modes introduced, aside from the current gameplay modes. Such would include War Pigeons and Operations.

War Pigeons – this game mode will involve a couple opposing teams that attempt to capture a pigeon. When the player gets the pigeon, it is required to keep still to make it possible to write on its leg. Although this action has never been seen in the game, the goal of the team is to defend them as they write the note. When they are forced to relocate for avoiding detection, the note will be written slower or it may cause the writing to stop.

Operations – players will be divided into two teams, namely the defenders and attackers.

  • Attackers – this team will be given 3 lives with set amount of tickets given on the basis of the numbers of players that their opponent will hold. Basically, they can acquire a 20v20 or a 32v32 game mode, using 200 and 250 tickets respectively.
  • Defenders – this team has the privilege of unlimited tickets, and their only goal is to defend themselves from attackers. It is also possible to use pillbox-bunkers as well as stationary weapons to hold back teams that are going to attack.

In other words, the game has successfully patched together the handling of war even as it lacks the easy dichotomy of World War II. Battlefield 1 has avoided the war shooter conceit of a long campaign of one man.

Thus, it avoids the one storyline/protagonist problem, which sidesteps the narrative difficulties trying to stretch the story that lasts to about 6-8 hours. On the contrary, DICE has designed an anthology of the WWI, telling largely unconnected stories about different personnel throughout the Great War’s theaters.

Overall, Battlefield 1 has marked an impressive reinvention that is worth the risk for the series. The shooter has succeeded far beyond common expectations, as it is the most complete Battlefield package since the year 2010.