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A lot of factors go into whether a particular phone gets the latest version of Android. In this case we’re talking about Nougat, the seventh edition of the well-known mobile operating system. The gist is this: there has to be a clear understanding between the maker of the phone, the maker of the chipset as well as the cellular carrier as to whether or not an update is going to happen.

With the Samsung Galaxy J7 and Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime being mid-range devices, is it possible for them to get an upgrade?

The answer, to be honest, is IT DEPENDS. Then again, there is a huge possibility for a Nougat update to happen. Why is that? The phones were released not too long ago. The Galaxy J7 was released in 2015 while the J7 Prime was released in 2016.

Both those release dates fall within the two-year period where phones are likely to get an OS upgrade.

Taking a look at the chipset is another way to determine whether the devices are getting an update or not. The J7 comes in two varieties: one with the Snapdragon 615 chipset and another in an Exynos 7580 chipset. Phones with the Exynos chipset won’t likely get the upgrade as it can’t support the demands of Nougat but those running on the 615 will likely get an upgrade.

The J7 Prime runs on the Exynos 7870 chipset which is supported. So there’s a good chance it will get a Nougat update.

We can also take a look at past upgrades to determine whether the devices are due for an update. The J7 came out of the box with Lollipop but was upgradeable to Marshmallow. On the other hand, the J7 Prime was built with Marshmallow so it’s likely to be included in Nougat updates.

The J7 and J7 Prime are very good mid-range phones and it would be nice for them to get an OS upgrade.