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Streaming music has shifted its domain from smartphones and laptops to the comfort of our own rooms. Ever figured that simply asking for a song to be played via voice command will be easier than actually typing it? Not to mention it’s pretty damn convenient when your devices are not in your proximity.

Amazon Echo does just that. You only have to say “Alexa, play” and then name one of your favorite songs. Amazon Echo isn’t the only device that does that, and actually it has some fierce competition in the likes of Google Home and future to be Apple which work on a device that will use Siri.

The idea of spending as little time as possible in front of a screen is appealing and the two Home Assistants do just that. Plus, they are convenient. Ever wanted to dance to a tune while you are doing dishes and your hands are full? Just give the command.

Smart speakers will take the music industry by storm and it is estimated that by 2020 the demand will increase by as much as 500%, to a whopping $2 billion. And there is more than meets the eye. These are not just ordinary speakers that could recognize a word or two, you could have your events planned in a calendar with Google, Alexa can give you the news and weather forecast and even call an Uber.

The Amazon Echo

It’s the best device out there if you’re in the mood for some casual listening, playing radio and playlists from Pandora, Spotify and iHeartRadio. Amazon users can make use of a large part of the Amazon Music. It cannot play Apple Music, Google Play or downloads though but there’s a way around that by pairing it with a Bluetooth Device.

Google Home

Unlike its rivals, Google Home is better optimized to gather information from the web and has a better artificial intelligence, being able to understand a more complex array of questions. It even sports a better personality as you can play random trivia with it.

Google Home is able to play music from Google Play, Youtube, Pandora, Spotify and iHeartRadio.  It is also able to control various speakers around the house either by voice or the app. Let’s just say that your life can be organized in Google.

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