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The internet is filled with hackers and scammers on every corner and everyone needs to watch out for their schemes, especially to be careful to not download any malicious malware. The most annoying thing is that hackers are quite ingenious and they always look for ways to exploit software that no one ever expects it to be filled with malware.

A recent security report shows that for a while now, hackers have been using exploit kits on Flash Player’s vulnerabilities.

Flash needs to roll out a security patch and improve their Player’s security levels as soon as possible, because if they don’t cybercriminals can easily infiltrate any computer. No desktop is safe since Flash Player is used on Mac, Windows and Mac platforms. The security report showed that there are around 7 system vulnerabilities in Adobe’s Flash Player and that those vulnerabilities can be accessed using exploit tools.

Adobe’s plug-in isn’t the only exploitable software, hackers have found security breaches in the likes of Silverlight, Internet Explorer and Windows as well. In fact, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is the most exploited software and there are already more than five exploiting kits such as Angler, Neutrino and more.

The “CVE-2015-7645” Flash Player exploit is the most dangerous one because it affects all platforms and no one is safe. The security breach can be exploited so that cybercriminals can forcefully get access to any desktop system and then steal the entire user’s data or install ransomware. Adobe stated that they are currently working on developing an update that’s going to put a stop to all of these updates.

The best advice we can give Internet Explorer users is to migrate to Chrome because that’s a more stable and safe browser. The reason why Google Chrome is much safer is because it uses the Project Zero software which analyzes all of Flash Players vulnerabilities.