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The highly anticipated next-gen console from Microsoft, namely the Xbox Project Scorpio should be appropriately priced as stated by the chief of the Xbox division, Phil Spencer. He later on stated that the people’s favorite plumber Mario is being kept in Microsoft’s heart.

Coming as a pleasant surprise for Xbox fans, Microsoft named the Xbox Scorpio’s components “premium” it also comes as a downside because expensive components will make the end product cost a tad more than a gamer could afford. Being put on the same scale to other premium devices it shall not be considered competition regarding the price tag.

It is widely considered that the Project Scorpio is going to be the best gaming console with a year left prior to its release. Xbox previously stated that the Scorpio’s end price will be regarded as “very high-end”.  Xbox fans should not be discouraged as these claims might not actually be entirely true. Let’s just wait and see.

While being a huge admirer of the new Xbox Project Scorpio, Spencer still has high hopes for Nintendo’s reign. He stated that regarding their first-party games, Nintendo looks great with Mario on their fence. We highly value his opinion because hey, everyone’s played at least a game of Super Mario and got hooked up on it ever since.

super mario run

Nintendo titles have suffered constant change thus offering a possibility for Mario to make his reappearance in Project Scorpio in the near future. It will not be the only case where a game developed by Windows made its appearance on a gaming console as “Minecraft” made its appearance to the Nintendo Wii U.

Believing that Super Mario would partner with Scorpio is an idea that could come to life in the not so distant future we believe that anything is possible. If you don’t believe it, hear that Mario will make its debut on iOS the next week.