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People who use Android have different preferences regarding their choice of browsing apps if they are not content with the classic Google mobile browser. As a preference users tend to use UC Browser Mini respectively Opera Mini in detriment of Google. Let’s take a look at them, and who knows, maybe you’ll find the one that suits you best.

As stated before both of them are software that let you browse the internet. They also come with PC versions, so you can use the full version to enjoy the full user experience that these two provide. Both of them enable the user to surf the net, experiencing a wide variety of add-ons, an easy interface to customize and great download speed.

Opera Mini

At a first glimpse a feeling of excitement comes to one’s mind when Opera Mini is accessed for the first time. The friendly UI includes a homepage specifically crafted to display a section with the most popular pages on the net. Opera Mini users also have the option of saving a link in the pin menu to facilitate an easier access if you want to visit the same page again. You also have the option of adding more web pages with the tap of a button or by visiting it a couple of times.

The internet data usage didn’t get neglected as it proves to reduce the consumption as the pages are being optimized by a server prior to being accessed.

UC Browser

This browser offers similar features to Opera Mini but it differentiates itself by turning off the most visited pages pin, having a Night Mode which eases the way in which users can browse the internet more, without getting sore eyes.

It also comes with an intuitive UI but what gets people to download this app instead of others is the already existing ad-blocker, a single account on which you can do the browsing and also a fast download feature.

They both provide a wide variety of features and depending on the user’s needs. They are both available on Google’s Play Store and also come with versions for iOS and Windows Phone