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When Pokemon Go was released the game had the whole world out on the streets trying to catch Pokemon but the game’s popularity started fading away after a few months.

In order to keep players entertained and attract new ones at the same time, Niantic Labs rolled a Halloween themed update that included spooky Pokemon, double bonuses and that update completely revamped the game. Seeing the success that update brought to them, Niantic Labs announced that they will release a new Pokemon update during December.

Even though, the developers didn’t go into too much detail but thanks to the Sliph Road which is the biggest Pokemon Go community, we know some of the key feature the December update will bring.

Pokemon Avatar

Players will finally be able to change their avatar appearance for free. The game’s code showed that Pokemon Go players will be able to customize their avatar’s appearance and also add special costumes such as a holiday suits.

Pokemon breeding

Dataminers were able to find male and female pocket monsters in the game’s source code. This might mean that the game will allow for Pokemon breeding where players will be able to hatch their own eggs or even combine different types of Pokemon together. We can’t know for sure how will Niantic Labs use this feature, but we will soon find out.

Legendary Pokemon

Players are expecting the update to include legendary pocket monster but Niantic Labs has yet to confirm if they will introduce them. The source code does include some references to “shiny Pokemon” which are rare version of already existing Pokemon. The shiny Pokemon has different colors from the original version, but that’s about it.