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Software updates can prove to be a delicate problem for many people. Keeping in mind that customers and the media dislike the rhythm in which updates are being rolled out, distributors and people who sale devices try their best to fix any potential bugs prior to releasing a software update. That is of no help due to the fact that a lot of manufacturers highly customize their Android UIs to make them stand off from others.

These tweaks add a premium touch to their devices but the downside is that updates will be released slower than usual. Standing off from the crowd with a clean user interface which is not tweaked in any way is Motorola. The brand under Lenovo stood its ground regarding customized UIs.

Despite their clean interfaces updates didn’t come as quickly as some users have hoped for.  A wide variety of devices are going to be updated to the latest version of Android. That is the case for Motorola as well.

Motorola’s German division released the dates when some devices are going to receive the latest software update. They issued a statement saying that the Z-series is going to receive an update on the 16th of December and the G4 smartphones will get updated somewhere around the end of the year. The X series along with the Nexus 6 will get the 7.0 the next month.

As the Nougat is more improved than its Marshmallow predecessor and people in the U.S should consider themselves lucky because they caught a glimpse of the newest Android update on the Moto Z Droid respectively the Moto Z Force Droid.

The update will mean some tweaks regarding battery consumption, improved security and a new boot animation.  The update is highly sought after and is anticipated to hit the following weeks.