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On December 13, Activision will bring a free DLC bonus for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered which will include the remaining remastered maps and modes, while starting on December 20, the game will host a non stop playlist for the Winter Crash map.

The Infinite Warfare players will also receive a holiday-themed makeover for the Genesis map, which will have its own playlist.

In four days, the free Modern Warfare Remastered DLC will introduce six remastered maps: Bloc, Countdown, Pipeline, Showdown, Strike and Wet Work, bringing the total number of multiplayer maps to 16.

There will be two new modes: Hardpoint and Gun Game, and the Winter Crash playlist will last throughout the holiday season. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered costs $79.99 and it’s part of the Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition. The developer has kept the missions from the original game, the gameplay and guns, and the three main characters remain Capt. Price and Gaz, who are Soap’s mentors.

Activision has also announced that the Infinite Warfare players will soon get the prototype version of the Hailstorm pistol, which will have a three-round burst with two perks. The first perk is Whirlwind, which will help the gun fire faster, but with increased recoil, while Focus is the second perk and when the player aims down sights, the pistol’s “idle sway” will be reduced.

Moreover, the Genesis Holiday map will come as a holiday-themed makeover for the Genesis map. “Later this month, players will find a Genesis Holiday map waiting for them as the Headquarters for the Division of Mechanical Evolution gets a festive new look. Plus there will be a 24/7 Genesis Holiday playlist, ready to spread cheer, goodwill, and high KDRs,” said Activision on its blog.

The publisher will also run a 12 Days of Winter promotion for Infinite Warfare which will start on December 21 and will end a month later. During this time, players who will login will get key bonuses and winter-themed personalization items, as well as other cool stuff.