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As of the 8th of December “GTA 5 Online” will feature a bonus system which is designed for the multiplayer experience.  These cheats fall under the weekly promotion program and include discounts on important items, a premium race double XP and RP which are limited to specific modes and many more.

Rockstar Games had the idea of updating the GTA 5 promotion entitled “Executive Bonus Weekend”. Not only does it come with pajamas and jackets it also features some discounts on specific items.

If you feel like racing the new deadline mode which feels like a scene taken straight from Tron be assured that the cash out is being doubled. Players will also receive a 50% discount on office remodeling and decoration and on executive offices as well.

The modes where the double XP and RP will be available are Extraction, Hunting Pack, Entourage and last but definitely not least Deadline.  Players should also bear in mind the fact that when racing at the “Premium Stunt Race: Canyon Crossing” are to receive triple the amount of RP and if they finish top 3 in the race they will receive more GTA$. The Turreted Limo will also be available for half the initial price, Enus Cognoscenti, Gallivanter Baller and Declasse Mamba will come with 25% off.

The weekly promotion is cutting down the costs on All FAFF Clothing and Assistant Services both getting the 50% off treatment. Updating a vehicle from Warehouses, Benefactor XLS , Grotti X80 Proto and Vapid FMJ will be getting a discount of 25 percent.

This promotion is to increase the player base taking into consideration the large number of items being put on sale. The release date of GTA 5 Online is supposed to arrive somewhere around Christmas along with the gifts and new bonus system.