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Gmail’s newest version released a couple of weeks ago modified the way in which quotes can be used in replies. The change may have got by unnoticed but somehow people missed out on a more substantial change than this one. Google updated its changelog which states that one can possibly paste images and text into Gmail without them being altered in any way.

The latest update can be easily be accessed via the play store even though the current version remains 6.11. Some minor optimizations were made since the release to fix some bugs.

An option regarded as “rich copy paste” is available throughout Android systems and gives the user the option to copy a text from an app and then moving it to another without losing its structure or attachments. The only downside is that both apps should have this option.

Basic formatting was only available from Gmail in regard to previous versions of the software disregarding further proprieties of texts and images attached to it. The latest version of Gmail lets users paste their content with ease, the app recognizing styles of formatting that came from the source and at the same time keeping it intact without making some modifications regardless of the text being associated with an image or being further formatted with headers, background colors or borders.

One should keep in mind though that older versions of Gmail let users to show HTML emails in replies without having the possibility to convert them to a more user friendly readable text by deleting the formatting.

Thanks to the latest 6.11 version, quoted replies can be easily modified.

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