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A large number of Clash of Clans enthusiasts are going to take part in the all new “Troops Ideas” contest that will hit Clash of Clans this December 2016. Fans are submitting an attached file which contains their drawings in the Supercell forum.

We are led to believe that the giant app developer Supercell will have to choose the best submitted ones for the following update of Clash of Clans in December 2016. All the drawings are to be submitted by users of Clash of Clans.

It is rumored that Clash of Clans is to get some new troops. A lot of Clash of Clans promoters on social media are getting all hyped up and talking about this following update. They believe that this new clash of Clans update will be entitled SHIPWRECK CASTLE, being the reason for excitement for many fans around the world.

If you think you have a fair chance of winning something, add your drawings in the hope that it will get picked from the contest. Some of the conditions of your drawing being picked is that it has to contain artwork, it has to be genuine. That means it should not be taken from somewhere else.

Of course, some gem rewards are implied for those who win. The 1st place will receive 3000 gems, 2nd 2000 and 3rd 1000 gems. Supercell may use the submissions in any purpose it desires.

Clash of Clans is an MMO strategy mobile video game which was released for iOS and Google Play. It displays action-packed fast combat, military strategy, taking enemy gold and trophies and mastering it to become a champion.