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Until now, Apple Maps users installed this application to search for nearby gas stations, but the rise of electric cars use across the US has determined Apple to team up with
ChargePoint in order to direct drivers to one of the 30,000 EV charging stations that will be brought to the Apple Maps app.

There are over 260 million vehicles registered in the US and over 100,000 are electric cars. The batteries of electric vehicles are periodically recharged either at home, using a power grid, or at a filling station. If a diesel car is filled up in 1.5 minutes, it will run for 1,000 km, but when plugging a car into a plug socket at 3kW and letting it recharge for 1.5 minutes, it will run 6 km.

So, if the owner is in a bug hurry and has to leave home, but he forgets to recharge the battery, one of ChargePoint’s charging stations will come in handy.

Instead of installing the ChargePoint app, to be directed to 30,000 ChargePoint charging stations from the US, Apple Maps will show electric vehicles owners where the next charging station is located.

Actually, they will call Siri to show the closest location, and after settling up, customers will use Apple Pay to pay for EV public charging.

Apple is currently working on its own electric vehicle, but it’s not known when it will be ready to “hit the road”. Until then, owners of Tesla’s and other manufacturers’ electric cars will easily find ChargePoint charging stations where they will be spend minutes or hours to charge the battery.

Apple Maps offers information about the location (pricing and hours of operation), but it doesn’t support the rest of features brought by ChargePoint app to iOS and Android users, such as the estimated amount of miles added during the charging process.