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Apple and Microsoft have been fighting over tech supremacy for as long as we can remember. The great thing about it is that it is a constructive rivalry and no matter who ends up winning a battle, the consumers are the main winners as they get the very best available solution- whether it be computer, tablet, phone or operating system.

Currently, the Surface Book line of hybrids from Microsoft is making waves on the tech market due to its great combo:  efficiency and convenience. On the other side, we have Apple’s MacBook Pro, which has made a return recently, with an updated version that promises top notch performance.

With both companies releasing new powerful laptop solutions, users might get a bit overwhelmed as to which is not necessarily better in general, but better for their specific needs. Let’s go over both laptops and see what they offer.

Design and Display

When it comes to the MacBook Pro design, you get exactly what you might expect from an Apple device. A sleek, minimalistic design enhanced by the premium quality materials used for its fabrication. The new model also has an OLED Touch strip and TouchID technology. A slightly controversial move was only providing Thunderbolt ports.

The design of the Surface Book is one of its main features. It is a hybrid device, meaning that while it can serve as a laptop, users can also detach the keyboard completely and use it as a tablet device, giving it a level of versatility which is impossible to replicate by a non-hybrid device.

The screen featured on the MacBook is a 13 inch Retina Display which offers a max resolution of 2456 x 1600. While this more than enough for some, Microsoft’s product goes beyond “enough” and offers a stunning 3000 x 2000 resolution 13.5 inch screen, 0.2 inches bigger than Apple’s.


The specs featured on the MacBook provide a Core i7, 16 GB of RAM and an SSD with a total capacity of 256 GB. The Surface Book counters with its own Core i7 processor and the GeForce GTX 965M. It also features 16 GB of RAM, but upped the SSD capacity to 1 TB.

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