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Skype is a very popular application that’s available for both mobile handsets and desktop computers. Today we will talk about the latest Skype version that has been released for Android devices.

Skype version for Android devices comes with some improvements. First of all, you will notice a huge improvement to the audio quality and an overall awesome video call quality. The application runs quite well, even if it has a lot of data to process, especially when using the Video Calling feature.

If you are a person who uses Skype frequently on your Android device, then you’ve probably already noticed that the application is getting better with each new version that’s released. Unfortunately, there are still some cons of this application, as it is lacking in group video chats and it is quite difficult to transfer files between Skype users.

At the same time, on Skype application you will NOT be able to switch from your secondary camera to the primary camera. We think that the developers should enable this feature as a good amount of smartphones come with a poor secondary camera.

Skype for Android: Features

  • Chat and Talk to your friends instantly (FOR REE);
  • Low cost calls to landlines and mobile devices;
  • Share your favorite snaps;
  • Make Free Voice and Video Calls;
  • Create chat groups and invite up to 300 people to join.

Skype version How To Install On Your Android Device

The Skype version is now available on the Google Play Store. To install it on your Android device, open the official store, search for Skype and tap the “Install” button to start the installation process. Once the installation is complete, you will need to use your Skype ID and log into your account.