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The upcoming release of the Galaxy X from Samsung has earned much anticipation from the fans. In fact, 2017 is expected to have a lot of cool updates and promises lots of flair for the mobile industry. One of the things that make this year so exciting is the release of several innovative gadgets that tech lovers look forward to.

At this point, Samsung has a plan to make the Galaxy X a foldable design in combination to its famous Super AMOLED display technology. Leaks of information about its design have become famous because of the number of patents being filed by the company.

One of the most notable is the patent made for models that seem to be a flat makeup box with a clam shell design. For this reason, it could be said that Samsung will be the first tech company to launch a foldable smartphone.

It is not surprising to see a foldable unit for Samsung, as it has been working continuously on such technology for quite some time now. In fact, it is preparing to unveil the Samsung Galaxy X that will happen in 2017. According to some tech reports, this new product will include a foldable 4K AMOLED screen with a couple variants.

The curvy edge has been noticed in the physical design of this new product. It was reported earlier that the edge part of the unit would be dedicated to the multiple profiles of the user, which should be protected with passwords. It will be so interesting to see the Galaxy X living up to the hype that many people are so excited to see and experience.

The expected announcement of the Galaxy X should be not later than the first quarter of 2017. Rest assured, the new product will be released not later than the fourth quarter, which will give Samsung ample time to mass-produce.