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Pokemon Go parent company, Niantic, will be holding a Christmas event on December 25 and even before this happens, the company does not stop to work on the game’s new feature. The new Nearby feature is already working in the UK and according to the Niantic Labs website, the feature has been launched in other regions, including the rest of continental United States and in Europe.

With these developments, users are advised on the upcoming bug fixes to ensure improved gaming experience. The developer said that they will wait on how fans from different parts of the world will react and from the feedback they will get, more changes will be made accordingly.

Initially launched in San Francisco, the Nearby feature makes it possible for user to find Pokemon out in the wild. It is expected to increase the spawn rates of Snorax, in particular. This is in the middle of the issues about the loading problems of the game where Niantic confirmed that they are already working on fixing the bug.

In the meantime, the developer giant revealed a way to manage this problem. For those who having difficulties in loading the game, it is best to restart the app to make the game work.

Every since the worldwide release of the top game of 2016, according to Google, there had been several update releases. Apart from the recent Pokemon Go Halloween update and now the Nearby feature, more Pokemon and items have now been released in the wild.

The Pokemon Go Halloween update included the increased rate of the Snorlax as well as a variety of bonuses. Moreover, there was the Ditto release into the gaming app. This is a new Pokemon that takes the form of other Pokemons and only after it has been caught will it reveal its true self.

Meanwhile, there have been reports that the “Nearby” system is not working well in some areas. However, there is still a way to tracking down a new Pokemon. The “Nests” are locations where same Pokemon species are present in numerous numbers. This is said to be the better technique to find a variety of Pokemon.

To make tracking down Pokemon characters easier, players can now take advantage of the Global Nest Atlas to track Pokemon. With the software, data will be collected from the Pokemon Go community and information will be gathered. This information will then be shared to users to help them chart through the Pokemon nests available locally.

The nest atlas helps Pokemon players to plan hunting these characters and know when they will be spawning in a certain area. However, to enjoy this, one has to join the Silph Road community since this group is the only one allowed to participate in data collection. Once the player has signed in, it is now possible to choose the species of Pokemon and the particular nest he or she wants to report about. And since Niantic has disallowed third-party tracking systems, this is an option open for Pokemon fans.

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