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Pokemon GO has definitely managed to leave its mark not only on the mobile gaming community but also on 2016 in general. The Pokemon GO craze has reached tremendous proportions with players all over the world beginning their own hunts to catch all the pokemon.

Some time ago, there were rumors suggesting that the game might see some new pokemon thanks to a December update. That seems to have been accurate, as we now have more details to back the story.

It all started with a Starbuck memo that has found its way on the internet, containing information regarding the popular mobile app. According to this memo, Starbucks has entered a partnership with Niantic (which develops Pokemon GO) that would result in a variety of new content from both parties.

Apparently, there will be a new beverage made available which is related to the occasion, most likely a Pokemon themed one. This would complement the incoming wave of second generation Pokemon which are now officially confirmed thanks to a statement made by the developer online.

While we will guaranteed receive new pokemon in the upcoming update, a lot of questions have been raised about the possible existence of legendary pokemon. The possibility is not excluded as we just might see legendary pokemon pop onto our mobile screens in the very near future.

The same memo pointed out that Starbucks is intending on transforming most of their locations into Pokemon Gyms and Pokestops. This will result in a potential massive influx of Poke-player customers, which Starbucks hopes will also buy a coffee when visiting their nearest Starbucks Gym. The closest Starbucks location will also send out promotional content regarding the Pokemon GO themed beverage.

This collaboration has been so far only discovered for the United Stated, with no word if other regions will benefit from the same treatment.

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