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Niantic has just released a new Pokemon GO update that will be available for Android and iOS devices as version 0.49.1/1.19.1. Players should expect UI improvements, the option to transfer multiple Pokemon, minor text files and many other changes.

According to the change-log, the new Pokemon Go update allows trainers to transfer multiple Pokemon at a time to Professor Willow, and this function will be used by simply pressing and holding on a Pokemon.

Niantic has also added Pokemon type icons to the Gym battle approach and Gym battle screen, and on the buddy info screen has been added the total Candy for the Buddy Pokemon, and on the info screen of each Pokemon that used to be a Buddy will be showed the total kilometers it has walked.

It is known that each Pokemon has weaknesses to specific types of attacks and when players are planning to attack enemy gym must choose the best attacker squad that can defeat the defenders, by taking advantage of their weaknesses. So, Pokemon Go update 0.49.1/1.19.1 helps gym battlers to choose the right Pokemon attackers.

Soon, Niantic will introduce at least 100 new normal Pokemon, as well as legendary Pokemon and rumors suggest that the update will arrive on December 12, but the developers haven’t confirmed the release date. On the other hand, Niantic has teamed up with Sprint in order “to create a special Pokemon Go experience in more than 10,500” locations in the US.

So, after December 12, Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Sprint at RadioShack stores will become PokeStops and Gyms, which means players who will visit these locations will be able to collect Poke Balls, Eggs or Razz Berries and send their Pokemon to battle against other Pokemon.

Also, when phone batteries will run out of juice, their owners will be allowed to charge them for free.