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App developer Mojang released the Boss update for the popular LEG0-like game Minecraft on compatible platforms barely a couple of months ago but with an Ender update, fans are asking if this is the end for the game.

Not quite, according to sources. Although Minecraft indeed has an ended, the excitement continues. As mentioned in the developer’s website, the release of an Ender update for the Pocket Edition is near.

The initial PC release had expansions with the final level and boss four years ago but for the Pocket Edition and the Microsoft Windows 10 version did not have that luxury. However, with all the talks getting around, this will soon come to an end and there is a gameplay trailer to support this.

With the “Ender Update” the version will not be the big 1.0 and players this will take players to another dimension, complete with new crafting materials and new creatures. Moreover, there is the Ender Dragon, the final boss that players will encounter and hopefully defeat.

Being victorious over the boss will not only be an added feather to a player’s cap but will also give the player the chance to view credits that have been elusive. That said, gamers are advised to get through the final challenge in a group.

One of the most exciting features of the upcoming update is music entertainment, in terms of having free access to the game’s soundtrack. While this is a separate download, there is no need to use up storage space if you don’t want to.

Also, having music playing in the background makes the gaming experience better. On top of this, the Ender update makes the game a “complete loop”, according to the developers. Other inclusions are the polar bears and cubs existing in apt environments the World Seed Library and the Oculus Touch support.

The polar bears will prey on Snowy biomes while the World Seed Library will make it easier for the player to discover other dimensions and realms as well as make use of portals. The Ocular Touch support, on the other hand, gives players using Windows 10 to use special VR waggle sticks while playing the game.

Meanwhile, there is also the “Cartoon Textures” that was recently added to the game. While it does not cause a major difference in the environment, the mobs and people are given different looks.

With all the new features and excitement that come with the much-awaited update release, the question still remains. When will fans be able to enjoy the Ender update?

Even if Mojang has not really given any confirmation yet, updates from the developer always arrive a few weeks after its announcement. And since a major announcement had been made recently, perhaps the wait will not be too long now.

If it will be based on the past update intervals, “The End” should be expected before the month ends. And if the rumors are indeed true, this update offers the possibility of increasing the block building height to 256 from 128 and the December update will be available for Xbox and PS4.