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As of this writing, the current version of Minecraft for XBox One is CU34 with PS4’s being 1.37. These updates were rolled out on October 25, 2016 and contained additions as well as bug fixes. Among the things added included a Halloween Battle Map, a Campfire Tales Skin Pack and a Battle Map Pack 4. This December, those who play Minecraft on XBox One and PS4 are in for a delightful treat: the Holiday Update.

Although no official release date has been given, the coming update is expected to have a couple of additions and bug fixes. These are samples of what the Minecraft gaming community can expect:

  • Fireworks will be given a crafting menu, just like banners.
  • Several changes and additions for world generation including an expanded End and the addition of End Cities and Chorus Trees. Also, an Amplified World Option will be made available for XBox One and PS4 only.
  • A couple of changes and additions for blocks including the addition of Chorus Flower, Chorus Plant, End Rod, Purpur Block, Purpur Pillar, Purpur Slab and Purpur Stairs. Boats have also been updated to paddle style.
  • A number of item additions: Chorus Fruit, Dragon’s Breath, Elytra, Popped Chorus Fruit, Tipped Arrow of Leaping, Tipped Arrow of Healing and versions of Potions that linger.
  • The addition of Shulker to mobs.
  • The addition of a Tutorial World.

When this update finally rolls out, the update versions for each console will be CU35 for XBox One and 1.38 for PS4.

Minecraft has certainly grown from the game it was when first released. Some users have been really creative with their Minecraft game play as well. In some way, there’s an art to creating things with the game. One guy even spent five years building a castle in Minecraft – and the results are breathtaking.

That said, there’s a lot to look forward to with the Holiday Update coming this December. The October 25 update was quite generous, but the December update is poised to be the biggest as it will bring almost all the features present in the PC game to consoles.

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