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Niantic Labs have been busy lately with their latest updates. There were the Halloween and Thanksgiving updates and the bug fixes on some issues like difficulty in loading the game and the problem found in Egg-hatching cutscene animation. Players have said that it appears briefly in the in-game app.

Other updates include the launching of the “Nearby” feature and the upcoming Christmas event announced by the parent company of Pokemon Go. However, one update is expected by Pokemon Go fans in the coming days.

Rumors are circulating about the possible launch of Pokemon Go Gen 2 this month. In fact, a date of the release has already been mentioned, December 7.

But how true are these reports? Has Niantic planned this all along, given that a release of a new game version during winter can up the in-store sales.

The leak is believed to have come from a Starbucks employee. Reports say that an internal email was sent to all employees of the company in which it included the upcoming events of Niantic and the marketing plan for the next update. This also triggered speculations that the coffee giant and game developer are partnering in the near future.

There are skepticisms, however, about the release of Gen 2 on a cold month like December, given that in order to play the game and hunt for Pokemon characters, players have to go out so it will allow them to spin Pokestops for items and catch wild Pokemon as well as hatch all the eggs.

But there are also some seeing this as the opportune time to increase the sales by convincing players to stay indoors and opt to buy more Incense to attract Pokemon to the players’ locations. This seems plausible since other updates include more Pokemon characters introduced in the wild.

Moreover, not being able to go out in the cold to spin Pokestops and the excitement to catch more Pokemon using lures and incense which will lead to the Pokeballs be running out, will prompt Pokemon fans to buy from the store.

Another possibility of a December release date for Pokemon Go 2 is the increase in Incubator sales. In case the player indeed goes out on a chilly day, he or she will feel the need to make each second count while outside. This means getting 2x, 5x and even 9x the efficiency to purchase multiple Incubators.

But the truth is, there is still no certainty as to when will the wait be over. It can be this month or a year after Pokemon Go was first released. What is certain is that fans will be waiting for the Pokemon Go Gen 2.

In the meantime, players have to make do with the recent updates and just watch out for announcements. For now, they should just take note of the latest news from Niantic via the Pokemon Go Twitter account about Android OS users will be receiving version 0.47.1 while iOS users will have the version 1.17.0.

Fans of Google’s top game for 2016 should just wait for more Pokemon Go updates and hope it includes the Gen 2 launch.