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Even if Google Store seems like the most secure place where Android users can download apps from, it isn’t. A recent study showed that Google Apps is filled with malicious malware that managed to infiltrate at least 1.3 million Android devices, and the only reason why this malware hits devices is to steal user data and boost its ad revenue.

The malware is called “Gooligan” and it managed to infiltrate all of those Android devices just because it looked like an app.

Developers of malware that can design them to look like standard apps or resemble the look of any mainstream apps have been enjoying great success on Google Play. The malware usually scares users with ransom-ware or firmware that steals user’s data. Sadly, the only method Android users have of protecting themselves is to entirely avoid downloading from Google Play.

The reason why these type of apps are allowed to enter Google Play is because Android is an open source software and doesn’t block any developer from altering it, not even hackers. Even though Google is trying to take care of these kinds of problems, some malicious apps actually pass through their security system. Google stated in an interview that they are doing their best to avoid malicious apps and that Google Play automatically scans for potential malicious apps.

If users really want to download an app, the first step they should take is to ensure that the app isn’t malware and to do this all they need to do is to do a browser search with the app’s name and see what results pop up.

Also users should try and only download apps from their official websites, not from Google Play Store. Protecting important information should be the top priority for every Android user right now, especially since we are living in an age of technology and hackers.