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If you’re using Microsoft Office or Cortana on your Android device, you’ll be glad to know that cool updates are coming your way. And it won’t be just glitch and bug fixes, but new features that will make using Cortana or Office amazing. These update will definitely improve your user experience.

Cortana is Microsoft’s version of Apple’s Siri, a virtual assistant that is said to perform better than Siri, particularly in doing online search and providing answers to your questions. Microsoft Office, on the other hand, is, well, the best office suite in existence.  And in the latest update, both applications will become even better.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Android update with versions up to 16.0.7531.1002 now comes with some really cool features. One of these is support for assistive technologies that will make Microsoft Office more accessible for everyone, including people with disabilities. Support has been improved for TalkBack, keyboard and other assistive technologies necessary for creating, editing or presenting Office documents. It is accessibility built right into the apps.

Storage and access to Office files have also been made more flexible with Box and Egnyte, both of which are online file sharing services for business. Box also offers content management services. In addition to flexibility in file sharing, sharing notifications have also been added. That is, you will get notifications when someone shares a document with you, whether it’s on Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Excel.

The update will also allow you to turn data into Maps with Excel. If you have geographical data, you can transform them into professional-looking maps using the new Maps chart type. This will come handy if you are studying location-based insights, trends and opportunities.

You can also do more with Excel by inserting and editing hyperlinks. After adding hyperlinks to your worksheet, use the display text feature to make links easier to read.

Microsoft Word also have a new feature that allows you to go directly to a specific page in a document that you have been looking for. Word in Android will have thumbnail previews that you can scroll through and choose a specific page from.

Microsoft Cortana

In the version 1.9.12 for Android, Microsoft Cortana will get a birthday reminder, which comes really handy if you suck at remembering birthdays. You can stop being that person who is accused of amnesia when someone’s birthday comes up.

Whatever changes made in your outlook Calendar is also automatically synced with Cortana, so you don’t miss any of your appointments, with reminders and notifications sent to you at the right time. The update also provides support for multiple calendars.

There’s also the usual fixes for bugs and crashes.

Then there’s the Cortana APK that was recently released. It has made improvements to the previous features, with “hey Cortana” as a major highlight. You use it to activate your hands-free personal assistant. Yep, hands-free. Unfortunately, it is still available on Windows – for now. At the moment, Android users can use Cortana to place calls, set calendar events, look up directions and so much more.

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