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One major problem Dice seems to have is that Battlefield 1 player tend not to play the medic class and support class. In order to make medics more fun and appealing DICE is releasing the new Line of Sight game mode. Line of Sight will work the same way Rush maps work, the only difference being is that players can only play as Scouts and Medics.

The custom game will take place on the Suez Canal map and all vehicles will be removed. The Scout players will do double bullet damage and the Medic players will have to rely on their healing skills to survive.

In order to win a match, players will have to play as a team and use strategic map locations when defending while the attacking team has to focus on taking out enemy snipers.

DICE stated that this was their way of promoting team work and the medic class. The Suez Canal map wasn’t chosen randomly but because of the amount of strategic positions it holds prompting players to have a more strategic mindset and don’t just run around shooting at everything that moves. Battlefield 1 players can find the Line of Sight mode in the Custom Games tab.

The first custom game Battlefield 1 received was the Fog of War mode, in which extra levels of fog appeared randomly around the map. The game mode was released back in November and it was notorious for making snipers life hell, but at the same time it was a lot of fun for players that loved closed quarters combat.

DICE is set on keeping players entertained and to achieve that the company will roll out the game’s first DLC map, the Giant’s Shadow which will be released this month for free. The map is based on the Battle of the Selle in France that took place during fall of 1918.