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Adobe is trying very hard to fix all bugs and issues on its Flash Player, but it seems that more bad rumors about this application surface on the internet.

Recorded Future is the company that is specialized in real-time threat intelligence and it seems that it found out a new security vulnerability (CVE-2016-0189) that affected the Internet Explorer browser. According to reports, more than 700 web sources linked the bug to RIG, Magnitude, Sundown and Neutrino exploit kits.

However, the company has also found out that in the top 10 list of vulnerabilities, Adobe Flash Player had six of them. Two of them CVE-2015-8446 and CVE-2016-1010) were linked to the Angler exploit it. At the same time, three other bugs (CVE-2016-4117, CVE-2016-1019 and CVE-2015-8651) were connected to at least three other exploit kits.

At the same time, the CVE-2015-7645 bug that was found on Adobe Flash Player, was link to seven different exploits: Magnitude, RIG, Nuclear Pack, Spartan, Hunter, Angler and Neutrino. To make things even worse, the CVE-2015-7645 bug affected Linux, Mac and Windows operating system meaning that a good amount of users got infected with it. We remind you that this was the first zero-day exploit discovered after Adobe has brought the new security mitigations.

This is the reason why many big companies have decided to ditch the Adobe Flash Player in favor of HTML5. The latter mentioned application is way more secure than the old Flash Player and, at the same time, it runs smoother. It is just a matter of time until Adobe Flash Player will completely die and leave room for other applications to take its place, such as HTML5.

What are your thoughts about the Adobe Flash Player? Do you think that HTML5 will be adopted by all companies soon or the Flash Player will survive a little longer?