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Microsoft has announced quite some time ago that it is planning to cease work on new Windows versions and instead deliver constant updates that will improve the current platform, which is Windows 10. This was paired with early termination  of extended support for older Windows versions, all too further emphasize the company’s desire to make Windows 10 the industry default OS.

The next major patch that will seek to improve Windows 10 considerably is the Creators Update, which is highly anticipated by different consumer circles due to its rich blanket of content. More than others, professionals and those working in IT will greatly benefit from this update.

One of the core elements on which the new update will focus is security, looking to bolster the threat detection capabilities of Windows 10 in an enterprise environment. Windows Defender will benefit from various upgrades which will improve the overall efficiency of the protection tool.

The Windows Defender dashboard will receive very important updates thanks to the collaboration between Microsoft and FireEye, which will provide their iSIGHT technology. This will further bolster Windows 10 defenses against potential threats as it will have an easier time detecting more threat types.

With the Creators Update, IT administrators will gain the possibility of opening specific files for company users, allowing them to access and view the files in a protected format which would in return allow the administrators to revoke said rights. This is meant to help prevent important information wipes through continuous access by company personnel to a PC unit containing the information. Now they can conduct their work directly from their mobile device running Windows.

These and many other changes are expected in the Creators Update which is due in 2017. All sources point towards an early release for next year, so users won’t have that long to wait after stepping into 2017.