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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world right now and it boasts an active user base over one billion. To be able to keep that huge user base growing and to also compete with other messaging apps, the Facebook owned app has to release additional features every month.

The latest major patch included features such as video calling which is considered to be a direct shot towards other messaging apps such as FaceTime, Kakao Talk and Line.

The addition of video calling was the wisest choice the app’s developers could make and it finally put the app on top of its competition. This feature is also making WhatsApp users life easier because they are not required anymore to download a different app for video calls. The update didn’t only include the video calling feature but also video streaming, two step verification and image editing functionalities among others.

Image Editing

This feature is what made Snapchat popular and it seems that WhatsApp noticed that because they installed the feature as well. WhatsApp users can use this functionality to quickly edit pictures by adding text, emojis and captions. Users enjoy using this feature because it makes their photos look more personal and funny at the same time.

Video Streaming

In order to watch a video WhatsApp users had to wait for the full video to be downloaded but now they can play the video directly. The way this feature works is that it plays parts of the video that have already buffered, the same way YouTube videos work and once the video has been completely downloaded it will be saved on the user’s phone.

Two-Step Verification

WhatsApp was expected to add two-step verification for a while now because of the huge amount of scammers and hackers that use the messaging app. This feature will give users another layer of protection which will make their accounts virtually unbreakable because users will link their account with their phone number.