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Titanfall 2 was a very anticipated title this year, with some waiting for its release ever since the launch of the original Titanfall. Now that the game is available for purchase, the community has judged for themselves and it looks like the game is a major success. Betting on its unique gameplay, this first person shooter has just finished its first month of multiplayer action and the developers shared an infographic that showcases some of the player base’s achievements over the entirety of online play up until now.

Thanks to the infographic, we were able to learn which were the most popular titans, which were the most efficient weapons or how much ground have players covered.

According (presumably) on the use count for each individual titan, statistics show that Tone is leading the charts when it comes to most popular titans. In second position we find Ion, which is followed by Legion.  While many players might have chosen other Titans to aid them in battle, these three have ranked highest in terms of popularity.

In reverse, just because Tone, Ion and Legion have topped the chart doesn’t mean other titans didn’t receive playtime. As a testament to their combined efforts, Titanfall 2 has recorded over 114 million titans being deployed, which says a lot.

When they weren’t busy deploying titans, players did quite a bit of running, with the total estimates claiming players had traveled over 146 million KM. They didn’t do so empty handed though, as the R-201 Carbine, CAR and Hemlock securing the top 3 positions in terms of raked kills, in that order.

There were also 154 million cases where players used the grapple hook, and 304 million kills in the Attrition game mode, which was one of the most popular ones alongside Bounty Hunt and Amped Hardpoint. Some accolades from the latter 2 include $4.4 billion stolen and 15 million hardpoints amped respectively.

With such impressive numbers after the first month, one might expect to keep hearing about Titanfall 2 and its multiplayer mode in the near future, as a free trial period for multiplayer just ended, meaning more users will be added to the fanbase.