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Resident Evil 7 midnight demo has just been made available and that got fans hyped up. The gameplay and graphics look great in the demo, but what players might not know is that by playing the demo they can unlock two different endings. Readers are in luck since we will guide them through both of them.

In order to unlock the first ending, players have to use skills that they gained while playing the previous installments of Resident Evil. The first thing players are required to do is to gather the Basement Key from the attic and the fuse that’s located in the hidden room. After obtaining the two required items, players can go ahead to the next room that can be accessed through the mold covered door.

If players already finished the previous update they will recognize this room as the mysterious room that couldn’t be opened previously.

After entering the mysterious room, players will find themselves in a corridor from where they can walk to the other end of it and find another mysterious door that can be opened with the Basement Key. Now, players are required to search for the room that’s filled with hanging body bags and pick up the Valve Handle. Right after players pick up the Valve Handle a mold covered monster will pop up and will attempt to kill them, but players should keep in mind that they mustn’t head back to the corridor before they pick up the Attic Window Key from the shelves.

Now that players have obtained the Attic Window Key they can climb up the ladder and escape, thus ending the demo.

This was the first ending, but in order to unlock the true ending all that players have to do is to follow the same steps and not get hit by the mold covered monster. That might seem kind of hard, but there’s a simple tip players can use and unlock the true ending. Players can pick up the axe from the corridor and hit the body bags to distract the monster.