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Pokemon Sun and Moon has only been out for a few weeks and players already figured the fastest way to get to level 100. This can only be done by using items which affect the player’s experience gain. In case you are wondering how to get to the level cap as fast as possible, you came to the right place.

We have taken a look over all tips and tricks and chose the ones that actually work to present them right now.

Fastest Way Possible Of Reaching Level 100

When starting up the game, the first thing players have to do is to head over to the Pokemon Refresh.

Keep in mind that the Pokémon’s affection level will be increased at the same time the character levels up. In order to earn affection, players can go ahead to the Poke Pelago and collect beans. After collecting beans, players can go ahead and feed Snorlax with enough rainbow beans until it gives them enough affection points. The beans can be changed according to the player’s Pokemon type, but the rainbow beans are the ones to give the most experience. In case the Pokemon stops receiving affection or experience points, don’t panic, just head over to the Battle Buffet and increase its level.

While in the Battle Buffet, players can win any fight using their strongest Pokemon. If the fight seems hard, don’t worry since every player gets 10 shots or turns to win the game. Winning a Battle Buffet fight is great mostly because once the battle is over the player is rewarded with one level 55 Pokemon.

Another cool tip is that players can always trade fully evolved level 100 Pokemon with their friends for another level 100 Pokemon. Also, keep in mind that naturally evolving a Pokemon during battle will give the player bonus experience points.

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