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While some manufacturers aren’t that fond of custom ROMs and the idea of people tempering with their product in general, OnePlus has shown great support so far, as it doesn’t shy away from encouraging their developer community to try and improve on their product. The OnePlus 3 is currently the go-to device for anyone that loves flashing custom ROMs.

The device easily supports custom ROMs based on different platforms and methods, meaning that playing around with it is very easy.

The XDA developer forums have been praising the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T for their versatility and accessibility. The XDA community is also highly appreciative of the support they receive from OnePlus, and even had the chance to sit down with a OnePlus official and get a few useful answers regarding some claims the company had made not that long ago regarding the implementation of some changes that will allow custom ROM developers to boost the performance of the camera which hasn’t been quite on top of its game when using an altered operating system.

The official went on to say that providing a solution for the camera issue has revealed itself to be harder than anticipating due to the way the camera coding works. According to the OnePlus representative, OnePlus chose to write the code for the camera in different layers that reach through all the device’s structural levels, therefore needing to be heavily rewritten to allow camera blobbing.

While no announcement has been made for when the community might expect a relevant update or patch which could allow them to craft more camera efficient custom ROMs, it’s great to see how OnePlus shows interest in the matter and is genuinely concerned with the situation.

Although solving the issue proved harder than anticipated, OnePlus states that it has had internal talks and that they are working on a fix.