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The Moto X series is one of the manufacturer’s oldest standing lines. There have been numerous rumors regarding a potential discontinuation of the line, but the new management represented by Lenovo was quick to clarify that there aren’t any plans to terminate the Moto X, despite the company shifting its focus towards the Moto Z line.

Recently, leaked images have appeared on the internet, showing a gray device with gold tints that many believe is that much talked about Moto X 2017. Straight off the bat, there is a specific design element that can be seen ( or rather can’t be seen) that not many agree with.

We are talking about the lack of pins at the bottom of the device, which on other models signify the support for Motorola Mods. The Moto Mods were a pretty popular feature that came with Motorola devices, and taking that out might have a negative impact on the brand.

It was stated some time ago that the upcoming Moto Z flagship device will feature Moto Mods so the possibility of the leaked images to actually be showing the upcoming Z line successor becomes null.

From the photos we can see that the device, regardless of what branding it will receive, features a Home button which will more than likely come with a baked in fingerprint scanner. The Motorola logo sits at the middle of the phone’s back, and while the screen covers the front panel in decent amounts.

Regardless of what this device turns out to be, it is still exciting for long time Motorola fans which are eager to get their hands on a high end performance reliable device.

Motorola has been out of the high end flagship smartphone arena these past few years due to its financial struggles and management shifts, but is marked to make a comeback with a new flagship, possibly the one from the leaked photos.

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