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The latest iOS 10 operating system has brought many exciting features but not every iPhone owner has updated to the new software because alongside all the new features, Apple also blocks users from downloading and installing certain apps, and for that reason there’s still a community of iOS users that prefer using jailbroken OS such as the iOS 9. The only downside of using jailbreak tools is that the latest available iOS is the iOS 9.3.3.

Apple knows that there are many developer teams such as Pangu that are trying to find security breaches and unlock the operating system and to prevent that Apple equipped iOS 10 with an impressive encryption system that prevents jailbreak.

One of the coolest features Apple has implemented for their latest iOS is the new set of emojis. While iPhone owners that like using operating systems without restrictions are still waiting for hackers to release an iOS 10 jailbreak tool, they should know that they can get their hands on most of iOS 10’s hottest features. Right now we will talk about the latest Beta 4 emoji set and how to install them on a jailbroken iOS.

Installing Beta 4 Emojis

The first step the user is required to do is to download Anemoe (that can be downloaded from Cydia’s website), Filza and iOS 10 Beta 4 Emoji Deb file directly on the user’s desktop. The first file that needs to be installed is the Emoji Deb file, after doing that the user can install Filza and use it to duplicate the Emoji Deb file over to the intended device.

Now that the user has copied the Emoji file on the iPhone, they can go ahead an open up Filza once again and install the emoji package then reboot the device.

Once the device boots up, the user is required to open up Anemone and open the Fonts tab from where the user can choose and enable the Emoji 10 font. The only thing left to do right now is to enjoy the new emojis.