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One of Apple’s biggest problems has been jailbreaking tools and the company is finally taking matters into their own hands in order to fix this problem. Every time Apple released a new iOS version, a bunch of software developer teams would find a security breach and release a new jailbreak tool and that started irritating Apple.

It looks like Apple has had enough of that and they encrypted the latest iOS 10 so that jail-breaking the operating system is almost impossible. The company is getting ready to launch the iOS 10.2 update and beta testers will be first ones to receive it, but once Apple decides that the OS is stable enough they will release it to the public.

Besides all the new features and bug fixes, the iOS 10.2 also includes a security patch that will make the OS completely impenetrable. A known jail-breaker Luca Todesco has analyzed the firmware and saw that if the new OS is installed on an iPhone, the iPhone will no longer be jail-broken ever again.

Apple is set on diminishing all jailbreak tools and to achieve their goal, the company even set rewards up to $100,000 for anyone that can find a bug in their firmware. The amount of cash rewarded is influenced by the risk level of the bug. The Cupertino based company is taking all possible measures in order to protect their OS and fix their security breaches.

The reason why Apple is taking such drastic measures is because the Chinese hacking group called Pangu already teased an iOS 10 jailbreak tool. Worth noting is that no such tool has been released anywhere.

Nonetheless, Apple is weary because Pangu is the team that constantly develops and releases stable jailbreak tools every time. In fact, the latest iOS 9.0.0 and 9.3.3 version jailbreak tools have been released by Pangu.

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