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Everybody knows by now that the amount of DLC updates Rockstar Games releases for GTA Online is astounding. It seems that Rockstar Games is always looking for ways to keep GTA Online fun and entertaining because the company keeps on releasing major updates every few month.

Dataminers reported a while back that the game’s source code has been used up completely and that Rockstar needs to release a new DLC soon if the company wants to keep players interested. It looks like the dataminers were right and the following GTA Online DLC will be based around importing/exporting exotic cars.

The DLC will bring new content and cars to the game and if that isn’t enough to keep players interested, the DLC will also add a business aspect to the game. Players will now be able to steal exotic cars, change up their aspect and sell them on the black market.

Rockstar Games stated that this feature will require players to team up with their friends and use special vehicles so that they can steal the expensive exotic cars, while at the same time fighting off rival teams.

New Vehicles

Lucky for us, Yan2295 a known and reliable leakster posted a complete list that includes all the new cars. This DLC will be the biggest ever and will include 25 new vehicles. The vehicle list confirmed the addition oft never seen before vehicles such as the Boxville 5, Imponte Ruiner and Coil Rocket Voltic. The leakster also announced that the DLC will be rolled out during December 13th.

GTA Online players were asking Rockstar Games to launch a new DLC for a while now, but no one believed that Rockstar will actually release such a major update this soon especially because right now the company is working on developing the new Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s great seeing that Rockstar is not focusing only on one project at a time.

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