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The 4K technology is making advancements in mainstream media as it continues to be seen less and less as an extravaganza as it is shaping into the next industry standard. Although content can be enjoyed on lower quality, the sheer quality of 4K makes some devices that lack the feature seem completely unappealing.

Google is recognizing the rise in popularity of 4K technology and it has officially announced their 4K movie library available on their Play Movies platform. Users can access it from their mobile device but can also access it the traditional way, from a computer.

The library contains over 120 titles to choose from, all in 4K quality and can be played on Android TVs, the Xiaomi Mi Box 3 and of course, the Chromecast Ultra from Google. To celebrate the event, Google is offering a pretty nice deal for those that board the 4K hype train.

Purchasing a Google Chromecast Ultra device will also get you a free 4K movie. You can either get Captain Phillips or Ghostbusters for free when you get the Chromecast. Google guarantees that the movies are using the VP9 codec so that users can enjoy the refined video quality but also stream the content with no problems.

Now that Google has joined the 4K game, it could be only a matter of time before all content will start offering 4K versions. One thing to take into consideration however is that while 4K content can be easily obtained, the average consumer might not have the necessary hardware to access it.

As 4K content as well as content streaming seem to be rising in popularity, it might be a good time to consider getting a Chromecast anyway, as even without the free movie (which shouldn’t be ignored since you get a good title and spare close to $20), it could really come in handy this upcoming year.